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Sarasota real estate
Sarasota Real Estate
  • International Exposure
  • International Direct Marketing
  • Custom Website For Your House
  • Custom Color Brochure 
  • Professional Photographer 
  • Drone Photos (where allowed)
  • Champagne Open Houses
  • Top Notch MLS Content
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Print/Mail Campaign
  • Featured at Community/Social Events

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At the end of the day, selling your property boils down to marketing.  Let's face it, in order to get the best price in the shortest amount of time, your property listing needs to stand out.  Even great properties do not simply sell themselves.  Your success demands real estate agents that develop and execute an innovative and comprehensive marketing strategy.  This means that your agent needs to be both an expert in Real Estate AND more importantly, AN EXPERT IN MARKETING.  

The SRQ Duo treats your property as though it were a fledgling new brand, in that they launch your listing with the precision of a Fortune 500 marketing, advertising, and sales campaign - which is precisely their background.  Most agents will simply list your property on a Multiple Listing Service, print a "cookie-cutter" glossy pamphlet, and hold boring open houses with stale cookies.  If it's a large brokerage, these services are all done by someone other than your agent.  

The SRQ Duo takes pride in their ability to reach buyers for your property with a multitude of outside-of-the-box solutions.  Plus, they actually get out of the office and travel the country and world to meet with perspective buyers and investors.  

Some key questions to ask your potential Listing Agent:

  • What did you do before you became a real estate agent?
  • What is your marketing, advertising, and branding experience outside of real estate?
  • Have you graduated college or university?  Was your degree related to sales, marketing, or advertising?
  • When was the last time you met with potential buyers IN Canada? (62% of seasonal buyers reside in Canada)
  • When was the last time you travelled more than 50 miles to meet with a potential buyer?  Outside of Florida?  Internationally?
  • Tell me about your marketing plan?  Regardless of the sale price, does it always include:
    • Professional photoshoot
    • Professionally shot video (with drone footage)
    • Stand-alone property website with search engine optimization
    • Social media advertising (local, in Canada, and other international)
    • Catered Champagne open-houses
    • Anything else outside of the box?

The SRQ Duo offers personalized service, attention to detail, and just plain old hustle.  They work for a boutique brokerage, Merrick Damon Real Estate, and typically deal with only a select number of clients at any given time. This is critical to their ability to deliver superior client service in an extremely responsive timeframe.  Quite simply, they deliver results.  You will get the services of both Jamie and Mark.  Each having strengths in differing yet complimentary areas.  Unlike larger firms, you will not be transferred to different agents throughout the process.  In our local larger "box-store" real estate competitors, clients may have  to deal with field agents, assistants, transaction coordinators, closing agents and possibly other parties in between.  The SRQ Duo will be your sole point of contact throughout the entire home selling process. This service structure makes it more efficient, organized, and easier for you as the seller.

Keeping open communication with clients, providing important updates in real-time, and offering weekly reports with analytical data on sales and marketing efforts are core elements in their service.  

Their unique marketing approach leverages a mix of print, online and social media marketing efforts. Every property that they list receives a custom marketing plan designed to most effectively reach the target audience for that property both domestically and internationally. Depending on the type, style, location and lifestyle that a property offers, The SRQ Duo will craft and implement a customized marketing plan tailored to that property.

Their creative efforts attempt to capture and highlight the property’s most distinguishing features and characteristics. Some of their tools include professional photography and videos including aerial drone footage, custom made print marketing materials using high quality paper, dedicated property websites, 3D property models, social media and search engine optimization.  Click here to see our selling process.

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