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                    Canadian Snowbirds

For more information on tax implications, medical insurance, travel insurance, and other helpful information, please click here to visit the Canadian Snowbird Association.

US-VISIT is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator technology border screening program that involves digital photographing and digital finger scanning of visitors wishing to enter the United States. 

Canadian citizens - with proof of Canadian citizenship - can travel to the U.S. for a maximum of 182 days (6 months) each year.  With a few exceptions, Canadian citizens are exempt from US-VISIT.  Proof of citizenship is, however, required in the

Sell my home to snowbirds

                    The Snowbird Lifestyle

Just like birds flying south for the winter, our neighbors to the North desire an escape from the cold and snow for a life of leisure in sunny Sarasota.  The snowbird lifestyle has existed in Europe and North America for centuries.  Prosperous Europeans during the Victorian Age would escape the cold winters of the North by traveling to a milder Mediterranean climate in Italy or Southern France.  These Europeans lived a relaxing life of good health and prosperity.  Many influential Americans and Canadians have enjoyed a winter home in the warmer climates of Sarasota.  John Ringling, of the famed Ringling Circus, brought cultural influences and visitors from around the world, and in doing so, left his permanent mark on the composition of the city.  With affordable housing, arts & entertainment to die for, and some of the world's best beaches, why not join the good life and make Sarasota Florida your home away from home.  Or better yet, come here to stay for good!  

Sarasota Snowbird Lifestyle & Process

Today the snowbird lifestyle is not just for the rich and famous.  Homes in every price bracket allow for a large portion of the population to live the snowbird dream.  Whether in a high-rise condo, beach bungalow, or Sarasota waterfront house, snowbirds are enjoying the mild winter climates of Sarasota at an ever-increasing rate.

                    The Snowbird Process

Becoming a snowbird should be an exciting time in your life.  The SRQ Duo goes above and beyond the real estate transaction in order to help ease the anxiety of your transition. 

First, they prefer to meet in person, either in Sarasota or in your hometown (if possible).  They actually travel throughout the U.S. and Canada on a regular basis to meet with buyers and develop personal trusting relationships.  This difference is extraordinary in the industry and unheard of with the larger chain “luxury” agencies that claim an international network simply because they are affiliated with other offices.  The truth is that they don’t travel, they don’t understand cultural nuances, and they don’t appreciate the real estate needs and lifestyle desires of people from Northern climates or of international origins.  If a kick-off meeting in person isn’t possible, The SRQ Duo will do an in-depth analysis of your wants and needs over the phone or through video conferencing if possible.

Before they begin the search for your Sarasota dream home, The SRQ Duo highly recommends that you spend some time in the area.  Each neighborhood has distinct differences, amenities, and experiences.  From the world-class beaches of Siesta Key, to the boutique shopping of Lido Key, to the family-friendly streets in the West of Trail neighborhoods, Sarasota offers a range of lifestyles.  Becoming a snowbird and deciding on a “forever” home is a major decision that needs to be thoughtfully considered.  See there?  The SRQ Duo understands the uniquely Canadian term “Forever Home”.  At any rate, they don’t recommend that you rush into a neighborhood or property based solely on what you’ve heard from friends and family.  Click here for additional information on The SRQ Duo’s buying process.

Congratulations, The SRQ Duo has successfully facilitated your dream of buying a Sarasota property and becoming a snowbird.  Now you too can brag to your colleagues and friends about the wonderful lifestyle you have made a reality.  Now lets talk about what you can expect before you leave.

form of an original Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card or valid Canadian passport.  If using a birth certificate as proof of citizenship, you will also require a separate form of government issued photo ID to prove your identity.  The CSA recommends using a valid Canadian passport as the single internationally recognized travel document that proves both a person’s identity as well as citizenship.

Canadian permanent residents - living in Canada but not a Canadian citizen - are subject to US-VISIT and will be digitally photographed and finger scanned in order to enter the United States.  Please note a non-Canadian citizen is also limited to a maximum of 90 days per visit.