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Sarasota real estate
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First, we take full advantage of our team’s “on-camera” experience.  Jamie Murdick is an Emmy ® Award winning graduate of the Walter E. Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.  After greeting potential buyers at the door, The Duo proceeds to an exhibit area inside to present a full compliment of marketing media which may include professionally designed brochures, neighborhood lifestyle guides, and 3D property models.  Additionally, they will play a High Definition professionally shot marketing video of the property on a large screen LCD display.  This video is basically an infomercial shot with various views of the exterior and interior of the property, as well as drone footage, and a short overview of the community, neighborhood, and associated lifestyle.  Your property’s dedicated website will be presented on a nearby laptop/Mac.  This is important because many buyers have questions after the open house but are unwilling to ask in person.  A USB drive containing the video and a link to the website is provided to all potential buyers.  Guests will be provided a complimentary glass of champagne or an alternate beverage choice.  Classical music will be playing in the background, all provided by The SRQ Duo. 

The goal is to create a memorable experience and favorable impression.   The SRQ Duo is extremely personable, well spoken, and culturally understanding.  They live on Bird Key and can personally relate to the lifestyle and experience that your potential buyers are looking for.  If the property is unfurnished, The SRQ Duo highly recommends having the home staged to sell.  For more information on home staging please click here.  The SRQ Duo will also host select events for luxury properties.  Some owners demand discretion and do not want relative “strangers” in their luxury homes.  On these occasions, they prefer to host private events with brokers and their select clients that have been pre-screened.  These private events can range from catered socials and dinners, to yacht parties or private movie screenings.  It all depends on the property and the targeted client-pool.

Successful open houses Sarasota

If you’re willing, The SRQ Duo will host multiple open houses at your property. 

The first step is to hold a “Brokers Caravan”.  This type of open house introduces your property to local brokers and agents, some of whom have buyer clients that may be looking for a property just like yours. 

After the Brokers Open, we will host a series of open houses and/or select events.  For typical open houses most of our competing large “chain” agencies, including “Luxury” agencies, simply post a sign out front with cheesy balloons and station the listing agent inside with a stack of business cards and some standard print marketing material.  This type of open house has a very low success rate and frankly serves to appease the seller more than actually selling the property.  As former Fortune 100 branding and advertising experts, The SRQ Duo takes a completely different approach to open houses, treating them as true productions.